Gym Clothes Haul


Only a little Haul today, but I have joined my local Sports Direct Gym as they have a student discounted rate that means you only have to give one months notice to cancel, and its only ~£20. I have never been a gym goer before and was mainly interested in the fact they had a swimming pool, however for £10 a time without membership (the cheek!), I felt that the membership was much more worth it, and have found myself using the gym as well quite a lot.

However, I only had a 3/4 pair of leggings to go in as well as the trainers I had for P.E. in High School so I desperately needed to get some new things.

First of all I got myself a vest, I actually thought this was nicer than most of the Nike ones that I saw but was  only £8.99 in Sports Direct. It also has an inbuilt sports bra which I prefer because it looks better with the open back that the top has.

Next, some new trainers were definitely needed. However, on a student budget I was definitely not feeling the £25 that was the cheapest pair of trainers in my size that I could find in Sports Direct. However, on a whim I decided to check out JD Sports, and managed to find these in the children's section for £15!
I actually don't think that they look that childish, and they support my feet well, also as a self confessed fan of Polka Dots, I was loving the laces!

So only a couple of things, but I really like them both. I'm thinking about getting some more things for the gym because its easier than having to wash it all the time but I can't really afford it. Student life is a bit of a killer.

See you soon!

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  1. So on Saturday before going out I saw that 500 days of Summer was just starting and since Ryan