What I got for Christmas 2014


So I know this is horrendously late, but it is my first year of this and I only just got round to taking the photos. I just love seeing what everyone else got, so thought I would share what I got myself.

Due to me now being 18 I only got a few little things this year, I think understandably my relatives are now cutting back how much they are giving me this year, and a few of these might seem a little odd to you, but were actually things that I asked for, so I thought I may as well post them anyway!

The first gift I got was the main one from my parents, the everyday bag I have at the moment is absolutely horrid and I have wanted a new one for ages. I ended up choosing this one myself, as I wanted an across the body bag, but still wanted it to be big enough and a style I liked. I know the strap doesn't look long enough here, but i've just tucked it inside the bag just so you can get the gist of what it looks like.

Next was a cute Cath Kidston purse in their "Elgin Ditsy" pattern, this was actually sent to me through the post by a college friend. I absolutely adore Cath Kidston and their patterns, and he knows this! I'm actually using this as a pencil case rather than a purse though at the moment.
Next was an absolutely huge nail art set, which I received from my Boyfriend (with the help of my other nail art obsessed flat mate!). It has so many things in, including striping tape, which I have always wanted but never got round to actually purchasing, so I am really excited to try that out! I will probably do a proper review of this set in a latter post.

I also got a couple of gift sets for Christmas. The first this absolutely lovely Ted Baker set from my Grandparents. I have to admit that although it smells lovely, i'm not sure that it is completely the scent I would have chosen myself, simply because I am not much of a fan of the rose scent, of which all of these have hints. However I have been enjoying the "Bath Foam" a lot over Christmas, before I have to go back to Uni and only have the shower again.

Another gift set I received was a Soap & Glory one, although I have actually bought S&G things for other people before after being recommended the scent by YouTubers and being sold after smelling it for myself in the shop, I have never actually bought any for myself. I was therefore delighted to try this out. Although I will admit the scents are quite strong, I actually really like them, these are much more my kind of scent than the Ted Baker as I prefer sweeter scents.

The final gift set I received was this set, I like this one actually because it is not really scented, except perhaps for a 'fresh' scent. They are all full size products as well, and I always use cleansing wipes to take off my make-up but have never actually tried eye make-up remover. I don't think that it actually makes much difference, but I will keep using it as I would assume it is much better for my eyes!

Next are some much more random items, but things I needed or wanted for uni.

First is this, you might be wondering why I wanted a wire, but this is because I now have an older macbook, which has no HDMI port. I often like to watch programs off iPlayer or the like off our TV, however only 1 person in the flat has a laptop which actually has a HDMI port. This little gadget enables me to connect a HDMI cable to one of the ports that actually is on my laptop - genius!

Sticking with the gadget theme, I also wanted a hard drive to back up my computer on to. This little thing does just the trick and fits up to 1TB of storage, plenty for what I needed it for. I also don't mind the red colour and faint dot pattern on it.

Next, I was really keen to have a soap holder, however my mum apparently couldn't find a good one that didn't require screwing into the wall - obviously as i'm in student accommodation at the moment it isn't possible to do this. However she did find this instead which has a soap holder at the bottom, but also space for all my other shower bits, so i've decided this is almost better than just a soap holder - lets hope it fits!

Moving swiftly on to the kitchen, I have needed a cheese grater for months, but couldn't find one in my local shops that was fairly cheap, and in the end decided I would just wait for christmas.
I'm sure my flatmates will be glad to find out i've finally got my own and therefore will stop borrowing theirs now too!

Aaaaanddddd finally, some muffin tins, again this was simply due to price that I didn't get my own, there was plenty of bun tins, but I prefer to make larger cakes myself. I'm sure these will be used fairly soon after getting back to uni as I love baking!


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