2015 Sales Haul! (Select, PrettyLittleThing)


I must admit that the after Christmas sales are some of my favourite, and although I am not someone who is willing to go out on Boxing Day to view the sales, I still think there are some really great deals out there!

I apologise for the bad photos - I had gone home for Christmas and had forgotten my tripod so had to improvise hanging my clothes against a door!

The first item I got from Select (love this shop for dresses!), its a lovely warm winter dress. I'm not sure if you can see, but the white lines are made up of cute little almost heart shaped stitches which I adore!
It is also lovely and soft and thankfully not that many of the soft threads seem to come out when it is washed!
I bought this for £12 in the sale, and actually got a size larger than I might normally because I found that it was about 5cm longer and I personally prefer to wear longer dresses in Winter to keep me warmer!

The next item I technically didn't get in the Christmas sales, but I just loved it so much that I had to put it here.
One of the societies I am part of had a Christmas Dinner to finish off the year, and as part of that we all had to come in Christmas Jumpers - something that I have never owned!
After looking round a couple of shops and not really finding one I liked, I found this jumper in Primark for £14! Although I will admit that it is a little itchy at times, I still am glad I bought it and have worn it quite a few times in the season!

After this, most of the things I bought came from Pretty Little Thing - I have never actually shopped here before, but after doing a bit of browsing online I decided to check it out. The prices are amazing on this site in the sale - almost Primark prices! I also managed to catch it quite late in the sale so they had a free delivery deal on as well as what seems like their all year round deal of free returns. Although I did keep a few items, I also returned a couple, I will show all the items here and explain why.

The first item I bought - and actually kept in the end is a body con midi dress, I actually was torn on this item whether to keep it or not, but in the end decided why not! It was only £6 in the sale - bargain!
However the reason I was conflicted was that the material the main body was made from was thinner than what you would normally expect and this meant that it didn't hide anything at all.
However, I decided that with compression tights on, it looked fine and therefore I would keep it.

I am trying to get some more Pastel coloured items in my wardrobe as most of it seems to be darker colours. However I was actually disappointed in this top and ended up returning it. The fit was really weird and just fell on me completely wrong. It seemed to almost remind me of a vintage top, yet at the same time I usually like vintage type items.
If I had have kept this, it would have been £6.

The next item I ordered was a very cute Peplum top, the only odd thing being that all the hearts on it are upside down!
I also think that the belt must have been standard for all sizes, as it didn't actually have holes small enough to fit around my waist properly but had plenty of them for much larger sizes! It wasn't that hard to have another couple of holes punched in however, and it looks really cute.
Best of all? It was only £5! Can't wait for spring so that it's hopefully warm enough for me to wear it properly!

Finally, I ordered some pairs of shorts, these first ones I loved on the website, but the material was really thin and they were fairly loose, and so on me they just looked exactly like pyjama shorts.
A shame, but at £8 they weren't enough of a bargain to keep unfortunately.

The final item I ordered was the main reason I put in the order in the first place - I absolutely love these shorts!
I love everything about them from the pattern to the really cute layer underneath with the lace at the bottom. The only thing I would say thats bad with them is that the flowers don't match up at all - but for £10 you can't really complaint too much.
They were actually the most expensive thing on my order, but like I say - I adore them. I've been trying to decide when its actually going to be warm enough for me to wear them with tights!

Once again, I am sorry for the terrible photography, I hope to see you again soon!


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