Mixed Haul


So I have been shopping a few times recently, I have decided to do the clothes haul part later in the week, so this is just the other things I decided to buy. Some of these I actually bought ages ago but I thought I would show you anyway!

So first up I have things that I actually bought for my birthday party/birthday but as I said I thought I would just include them anyway!

The first thing was some Balloons with 'Happy 18th Birthday' on them, which I bought from Amazon here for £1.84. I particularly liked them because the print was actually upside down to what you would normally expect, making them perfect for blowing up with air instead of helium.

I also bought an 18th birthday candle but for some reason didn't take a photo of this in its packaging, however you can see it in action below. I bought it also from Amazon here for £0.95 plus £0.10 delivery.

Next is something that was technically part of my birthday present, was kinda bought for my party, but with the plan for it also to go up in my Uni Room so therefore it isn't really that much for a party - bunting! I also got this from amazon for £23.99 and love it. There are a few patterned flags that I am not so keen on, but overall I really like it, and can't wait to have it up in my room - now to try and find things to match it!

After this I bought some posh napkins, i'm calling them posh simply because they are actually proper Cath Kidston ones, I looked around for some others, but these with student discount seemed to be an alright price to me, I couldn't find any other pretty patterned ones for better! I decided on the ones with their "bird" pattern as I actually really like it.

Here is the packet of them, with a close up of a piece of pattern.

That's it for things for my birthday party, so here are some other things which I have bought recently! 
First up are 3 nail varnishes, the first two are from Poundland and the third Tk Maxx
Sinful Colors - Kissy

Sally Hansen - Sugar Fix

OPI - I'm Zuzi & I'm a chocoholic
The OPI is actually my first ever OPI so I was really quite excited to try it out! Sadly though, it stained my nails really badly, which i'm guessing is the reason it was in Tk Maxx at a reduced price. I was really quite dissapointed, its also more of a browny colour than it looks in the bottle.

Next is a plain scrapbook from Paperchase, this is not actually for myself, but is going to be a birthday present for someone else, which I am going to make over with a couple of friends to look like the 'Adventure Book' out of the Disney film 'Up'. I hope they like it and it looks good once its done!

Next is a really cute mug I found in a charity shop for 99p! You may not realise, but I have quite a thing for polka dots and have far too many things with them on! Therefore I really couldn't resist this! Its fine bone china and the only imperfection you can see on it is in the second photograph where the polka dot overlaps to create a darker piece near to the handle - I don't think its noticeable at all really!

Another thing from a charity shop, although a different one, are these 4 folders full of magazines plus a few more. They are all cooking magazines and although they did not come with the cooking bits that would have originally come with them, I thought they were a bargain at the time at £5 for the lot - although regretted my decision a bit when I then had to carry them all home!

I have just over 60 editions of the magazine now, but have only tried one of the recipes so far, it was nice if a tad rich!

White chocolate mud cake - a variation on the Mississippi mud cake - very very nice!

Aaaaannnnnddd finally, I didn't actually buy these, but I went into my local Debenhams to ask for a perfume sample and ended up coming out with this little lot - extremely useful, so thank you Debenhams!

Sorry this turned out to be such a long and crazy post, but I will see you soon!


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