18th Birthday Nails


So it was recently my 18th Birthday - finally! As I live in the UK this means that I can now buy alcohol, vote, carry a donor card, and do a load of other things that i'm probably not going to take advantage of straight away.

To celebrate this, I decided to have some very glittery, but still simple nails, not only to live up to my new blog name, but because I desperately wanted to try out 'Ciate - Serendipity' which came in the end of my Mani Month.
The colour is quite an odd pink, its really pretty, but its unlike anything i've seen before which is really cool!

This photo is a little bit more true to the actual colour of the polish, its really hard to capture it properly!

I had a really great 18th Birthday, but had my birthday party a few weeks before, at the time I had this cake, which was rather yummy!

My main birthday present was a camera, one I can finally call my own as until now I have just been using the family one. So expect a couple of new posts with experimental shots as I try and get used to how the camera works.

See you soon!


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