If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen these already. They are based on an old design by The Illustrated Nail. But I thought they were perfect for spring!

I did actually paint these on both my hands, however it turned out rather messily painted by my non-dominant hand so I didn't bother taking photos of it. 

Apart from the black detailing which was done with a Black Barry M Nail Art Pen, all the rest was done using a cocktail stick. Therefore I am actually really proud of these!

Let me know what you think!


Recently I have found myself really getting in to looking at clothes on eBay, and have actually managed to pick up a few items that I am very pleased with. Therefore I thought that I would share what I have with you and the prices that I bought them for!

First of all, one of my favourites, this beautiful floral Zara Dress in a Size M (about a size 10). It is perhaps a tad shorter than I would usually buy dresses, but it came looking like it was brand new and had only been worn once, if that.
I paid £4.99 for this dress with £4 postage, meaning it cost me £8.99 in total - definitely worth it.

Next, many many Jack Wills items, one of my flatmates has recently got into Jack Wills and has got me into the brand too, however I didn't actually own any Jack Wills item, and am not willing to spend the money on full price items, so ebay seems a good medium.

First up, a Jack Wills dress, well.. I say dress, as you can see on me, it is very very short. So short, I would probably only wear it with leggings or even jeans, and wouldn't risk tights.

It was the first item I actually won out of all of these, and I will admit it is probably the one I regret the most, simply because it is so short and i'm not totally convinced by the pattern on it if I am totally honest. It also doesn't visibly have the logo on the outside and therefore you wouldn't really know that it was actually a Jack Wills item.
I paid £4.70 plus £3.10 for postage, so £7.80 in total for this dress, so definitely a fairly good bargain compared to what I imagine the retail price of this dress would be.

Another item I bought is a Jack Wills jumper, this fits me really well, although the sleeves are a little short, but I think this is by design. Again, when this arrived it looked almost brand new and I couldn't see anything wrong with it. I also like that the "WILLS" is clearly displayed along the front to show that it is a branded item, as I definitely think that if you are going to spend the money on branded items, I prefer to actually show that it is a brand. 
From my searches on eBay, it seems to be that Jack Wills sizings are generally a size down from what is actually stated, so I was quite glad this actually fitted properly and wasn't too small as that would have been a real shame. 
Also, thankfully unlike Jack Wills wool jumpers, you can actually put this one in the washing machine without risk of shrinking. 
This was actually the most expensive item I have bought, costing £8 with £3.20 postage meaning it cost me £11.20 in total. 

(As you can see, I have bought quite a few Jack Wills items..) this one is a Size 12 top. As you have seen previously, I am actually a size 10. However, for the price I thought that I would be happy to just wear this one slightly baggy and perhaps try and shrink it myself slightly. 
The thing that disappointed me about this top is how far across the logo is from the middle. It means that if I wear a cardigan over the top, it will actually not be seen. I don't know if this is because I have bought it in a bigger size than I am normally or not.
This only cost me £2.40 plus £1.60 postage, meaning I only paid £4 for this in total. I actually think it is a really nice top anyway even without it being branded, so I was really happy with this.

I also bought a striped shirt, this is another item I am slightly disappointed with, but not because of the quality of it, simply because I bought it not realising it was a "boyfriend fit", and I much prefer tighter fitting tops. It also has the "J.W" logo instead of the pheasant one which I prefer. 
This was also a more expensive item, costing me £5 plus £3.75 postage, so £8.75 in total. Hopefully I will get enough use out of it for that to be worth it. 

Finally, my favourite item and a total bargain in my opinion, a wool jumper was one of the main things that I had been looking out for. I wasn't really picky on colour, except not wanting it in blue or navy blue as I have a H&M plain jumper in that colour. However, I really love this pink colour, the photo of me wearing the jumper is probably the closest to it in person, it is quite a coral pink colour.
As you can see in the inside label however, it is actually a UK size 14, or rather used to be. As I stated earlier, you are not meant to machine wash the wool jumpers at all as if not they can shrink. The previous owner has obviously done this, and have shrunk the jumper to a slightly stiffer size 10. 
However, this was reflected in the price, and I managed to pick this up for only £5 with £1.60 postage, meaning this cost me only £6.60 in total. DEFINITELY worth it. 

So these are my eBay bargains, have you ever checked out eBay for clothes? From my experience, it definitely seems worth it and you would never be able to tell any of these are secondhand. 
For the meantime however, I think I definitely need to cut back buying anything else for a while. 

Only a little Haul today, but I have joined my local Sports Direct Gym as they have a student discounted rate that means you only have to give one months notice to cancel, and its only ~£20. I have never been a gym goer before and was mainly interested in the fact they had a swimming pool, however for £10 a time without membership (the cheek!), I felt that the membership was much more worth it, and have found myself using the gym as well quite a lot.

However, I only had a 3/4 pair of leggings to go in as well as the trainers I had for P.E. in High School so I desperately needed to get some new things.

First of all I got myself a vest, I actually thought this was nicer than most of the Nike ones that I saw but was  only £8.99 in Sports Direct. It also has an inbuilt sports bra which I prefer because it looks better with the open back that the top has.

Next, some new trainers were definitely needed. However, on a student budget I was definitely not feeling the £25 that was the cheapest pair of trainers in my size that I could find in Sports Direct. However, on a whim I decided to check out JD Sports, and managed to find these in the children's section for £15!
I actually don't think that they look that childish, and they support my feet well, also as a self confessed fan of Polka Dots, I was loving the laces!

So only a couple of things, but I really like them both. I'm thinking about getting some more things for the gym because its easier than having to wash it all the time but I can't really afford it. Student life is a bit of a killer.

See you soon!

Henna Fun


Recently my flatmate has bought some Henna on ebay so we have all been decorating ourselves with it.
Even one of the guys was persuaded to have a little Mario mushroom drawn on him (although he didn't realise what Henna was and that it stained, so wasn't particularly happy when it wouldn't wash off - extremely funny!)

Here are a couple of things that have been on my hands the last couple of weeks!

I also posted this one to my Instagram, the design while the Henna was still on and once it has washed off, a relatively simple design but I still really liked it!

Another Henna design, this one much more complex, but I still think it looks really cool! A lot more of the little detail was lost on this one once I took off the Henna to leave the design which is a bit of a shame. 
You can probably see a little bit on the arm where I somehow managed to smudge it though.. oops!

Let me know what you think!